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At a young age I was fascinated by the contents of my grandmother’s jewelry box, but that interest didn’t manifested itself until I was an art major at the University of Wisconsin –Madison. I completed a Master of Science degree in art (art metal) and a minor in geology.  For 40 years I got diverted into scientific illustration, followed by architecture then science and finally returning back to where I started, metalsmithing.  All of these past endeavors influence my designs.  My metal work looks like my architecture, geology (paleontology) informs some of my design and scientific research encouraged my curiosity about different techniques and a sense of discovery.  My work has been described as painting with metal.

I love exploring new techniques, the juxtaposition of different metals and materials, balancing smooth and patterned surfaces and geometric shapes in a piece of jewelry.  Each day in my jewelry lab is a good day full of fun, exploration, learning and creating.

We moved from San Diego to Bend, OR in 1995.  We live in an urban country interface where deer wander, bald eagles, blue herons, osprey fly, coyotes have their pups and the occasional cougar or bobcats wander by.  The latter two are a big deal.  We have a big veggie/fruit garden which takes time away from metal work but you need variety in life.  It is a lovely place to be and I walk up the rise to work.

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